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Lauren Singer of Simply Co.

Doing laundry is harmless, right? As it turns out, washing that stain out of your favorite shirt actually does more harm than you realize. The harsh chemicals found in most laundry detergents can really hurt both your skin and your environment. But do not fret; there is an easy way out.

Lauren Singer has a fervent commitment to this planet. After two years, she has managed to produce only enough trash to fill a small mason jar. Beyond this, her company, Simply Co., has made a long lasting, positive impact on the environment.


Food Fests Galore! Your Guide to the Summer's Tastiest Events

Taste cuisines from around the world and satisfy your wildest foodie dreams with these savory festivals around the Bay Area featuring garlic, seafood, zucchini, tomatoes, and everything in between. Make this summer one for the books and hit up every single one of these mouth-watering festivals. You won't regret it.

What to See at San Francisco Fashion Week

With the Bay Area being the epicenter of technology and all, it's little surprise that our petite local fashion world often gloms onto big tech in Silicon Valley for headline-grabbing collaborations. This year's San Francisco Fashion Week, sponsored by San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, Inc., is billing itself as the SXSW of Fashion, with the hashtag #DisruptFashion.

Crib Sheet: 6 Bay Area Street Artists to Know

No walk or bike ride around San Francisco is complete without a bit of rubbernecking to scope out the many vibrant murals that brighten up our city's streets. Learn the names of six of our favorite Bay Area artists who are awakening the streets of SF and beyond.


Turn Heads With These Cutting Edge Local Jewelry Lines

These local jewelry designers will make sure you turn heads while wearing their handcrafted designs. 

The Bay Area's Most Inspiring Home Decor Showrooms

Filled with eclectic pieces from mid-century to modern to craftsman, these local showrooms are sure to give you a heaping dose of décor inspiration. 

5 Underrated Local Beauty Brands to Try Now

With unique products like thermal masks, liquid lipsticks, vegan eye shadows, and brightly colored nail lacquers, it's time you tried some of the newest brands on the beauty block.


We All Scream for These Boozy Frozen Treats

Why not add a little booze to your favorite frozen treat? These milkshakes, floats, ice creams, and sorbets have a little twist for a well-deserved buzz, er, break.

Best Waterfront Events At Oakland's Jack London Square

One of the most relaxing areas in Oakland is Jack London Square, a waterfront destination surrounded by restaurants, galleries, stores, events and more. Year-round, there are events surrounding the beautiful waterfront location where people can venture and take a walk, run or stroll along the walkways. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere close to the Port of Oakland, Old Oakland and Downtown Oakland.

The Beast Crawl: Oakland’s Literary Mind Festival

On July 11th 2015, Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood celebrated literature in the most invigorating way: by hosting a free literary festival including over 200 performance writers and 35 venues. Consisting of four legs, Uptown Oakland’s 4th Annual Beast Crawl was a meeting of the minds and words pouring off of poets and writers’ tongues, containing open mics, poetry and short story readings, and more.


Top 10 Local Shops In The Bay Area Worth a Second Look

As creative and original as the Bay Area, these local places will have you coming back for more! Across the Bay Area are some of the most impressive stores ranging in all areas from hand-crafted tea to trendy movie theaters, quaint magazine stores, ice cream soda shops and more. These 10 local shops create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and allow you to feel empowered by supporting local businesses.

10 Coffee Table Books That Highlight the Culture of the San Francisco Bay Area

Spend an afternoon mulling over coffee and scanning the pages of these wonderful coffee table books. These books are inspired by the Bay Area and will take you through history, poetic words, style, culture and travel. This journey will leave you inspired and filled with knowledge of history through words gliding off the pages and gloriously stunning photographs and artwork.

5 Bay Area Fashion Events You Can't Miss

What happens when you mix the eclectic style of the Bay Area and fashion? You get an amazing mix of culture, art, music and fashion that is just as unique as the Bay Area itself. These top five fashion events are a variety of fashion shows, museum exhibits, festivals, flea markets and galleries that will satisfy any fashion-lover.

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